frequently asked questions

Caring for your asphalt can be confusing...

Below we have compiled some frequently asked questions along with answers to help our customers better understand the process.

Q: Why should I seal coat?
A: Sealcoating is the only way to protect the asphalt. Sealer costs 1/10th the price of replacing asphalt. Petroleum spills of fuel, oil and solvents attack the pavement and seep in deep beneath the surface, softening the asphalt and reducing adhesion. Sun and rain cause oxidation which creates raveling, cracks, and even potholes. By sealcoating you increase the life of the asphalt by up to 300%.

Q: I just had my driveway paved. When should it be sealed?
A: You should wait at least 30 days to allow oils in the asphalt to dissipate before sealing. Luizzi Bros. recommends you seal 3 – 12 months after paving.

Q: How long will the seal coat last?
A: It depends on weather, traffic patterns, drainage issues, and condition of asphalt. The standard is 2-3 years. In the northeast, we recommend you reseal every other year.

Q: Are all seal coat products the same?
A: No. Our sealers have been perfected from more than 50 years of manufacturing and testing experience, and especially formulated to contend with the particular paving problems of our local climates. While sealers all have similar aspects, they differ in quality. At Luizzi Bros. Sealcoating we always use the manufacturer’s recommend water ratios. We do NOT over water our product like some of our competitor’s do. Some are diluted to the point of being what we call “Black water”. Make sure material being used has aggregate in it (sand or slate) to fill in voids on surface. Cheap sealers are only liquid with no aggregate.

Q: Home improvement stores sell sealer. Why not just seal myself?
A: We see a number of homeowners that try to seal their own driveway with buckets of sealer purchased at their local hardware store. The product Luizzi Bros. Sealcoating uses is far superior to the material sold to consumers through these types of outlets.  In reality, by the time you add the cost of sealer, squeegees, brooms, clothes and shoes (they will be ruined by the time you are done), and YOUR TIME… it will cost you more than paying a contractor to seal it for you.

Q: When is the best time to seal coat?
A: The best time to seal coat depends on the temperature when it is above 50°F and not below freezing at night, so typically in the northeast this is from late April through October.  It is very busy late in the season so remember it is usually best to schedule early to avoid the rush.

Q: How long should I stay off the driveway once it is sealed?
A: We recommend you stay off the driveway for 48 hours after it has been sealed. However, if it is very humid or your driveway is very shaded, additional time will be required for the sealer to dry completely.

Q: Why do some of the cracks reopen after being filled?
A: Crackfiller is applied hot and squeegeed tightly into crack, expanding while it cools. Crackfiller is flexible and moves with the pavement, sometimes causes it to seep deeper into the crack. Cracks may also reopen due to the freeze thaw cycles in the winter. This is why crackfilling is a yearly maintenance.